Bleeding Love (Cut #3) – Kathleen Maree’

So this is the final book in the Cut series and it picks up where the last book left us – on a massive cliffhanger.

Jay leaves to go back to the US to go on tour with his band for a month, leaving Penelope in Sydney. Like always with this couple there is Drama, in the form of the exes. Tahlia is causing trouble for Jay and Evan seems to always show up where Penelope is and is always willing to be a shoulder to cry on.

There is Jealously, Backstabbing, Betrayal and just a whole lot of Drama.

This was the perfect book to leave the series on, everything might not have gone my way (I don’t want to give too much away) but I was happy with the ending and I loved the characters even more – I even found an appreciation for Tahlia which I did not think was possible at the beginning of the book.

I wish the series could keep continuing, I don’t think I would ever get tired of Jay and Penelope. The ending is wrapped up in a nice little now though which I can accept and there is a hint of a spin off story based on Greer which I’ll be keeping my eyes open for.

This series has been a great read and recommend you pick it up of you haven’t already.

Think Rockstar romance but less fluffy and more emotion.

Look out for Bleeding Love when it releases on the 7th of April!

My Rating : 4 Stars
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